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About Us

The Original Galaxy Rose, A Unique Story

Founded here in Tempe, Arizona - The Original Galaxy Rose is the ultimate gift provider for the holiday season. A family owned business since 2016, we pride ourselves in standing up to the competition - and beating them. 

Our unique packaging and personal feel to the ordering process truly sets us apart from any other competitor. We are committed to serving you the highest quality products as quickly as possible, which is why 90% of orders are processed and ship same day. 

What this means for you is that our family knows how upsetting it can be to order a new gift for a loved one and have to wait weeks for it to arrive. Not with us. Our state of the art processing facility means more orders per day, and we work closely with USPS to make sure all shipping requests are handled as rapidly as possible.

Local To Arizona? Come Hang Out

We aren't afraid to meet clients face to face. Send us a message and come see our facility! We will be happy to see you.

And as always, if you have any questions at all, chat with one of us using the Messenger icon below. 

Thank you for your business!